Deko International Co. seeks talented individuals who want to make an immediate contribution in a fast-paced, dynamic and stimulating environment. If you are focused on delivering results, you will have the opportunity to significantly contribute to our business's performance, enhance your professional skills and quickly gain visibility.

We have purchasing teams in each of our divisions across Deko Group. The purchasing teams are at the core of negotiating and buying raw materials and services.

Customer Service
One of the core values in our mission statement is to provide good service to our customers and with the diversity of our customers it is increasingly important to offer high-quality customer service. Key skills for customer service roles are strong communication skills, ideally with good language abilities.

Profitable sales is the primary objective of all Deko Group. The strengthening of customer relationships through superior customer service and the development of customised business plans with individual customers is crucial in today’s competitive international markets. Sales teams in Deko are involved in all elements of the sales mix, gaining an in-depth knowledge of consumer preferences and customer requirements, which provides an unparalleled opportunity to develop quality across all aspects of sales management.

As a fast growing public company the requirement for accurate and up to date financial information is critical to business decisions taken at all levels and across all functions. Deko’s finance team members work closely with line management providing and analysing information required by managers for day-to-day business decisions and assessments of the financial viability of business proposals.


Job Title Department Location Date
Regional Sales Manager Sales MO 3/3/2010
Regional Sales Manager Sales CA 3/3/2010
Regional Sales Manager Sales NJ 3/3/2010
Regional Sales Manager Sales GA 3/3/2010
Outside Sales Sales TX.FL 3/3/2010
Customer Service Customer Service CA 3/3/2010
Customer Service Customer Service NJ 3/3/2010
Purchasing Purchasing MO



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